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    Pat was very helpful in finding the right home for me. Once I put together my requirements she found several properties that met my needs. I chose a small 2BR/2BA townhouse. I could have purchased a large home but it really didn't fit my needs. Pat was... (more)

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  • Phoenix Working to Improve Quality of Life for Transients

    from a June meeting with Councilwoman Deb Stark and July with Phoenix Transit   Transient & Homelessness has increased by 23% in Phoenix since the recession. Much of it is caused by Opioid Crisis in America. In fact on a recent ride-a-long with the police, Councilwoman Deb Stark was shocked to see the amount of […]


    Good News! More Financing for Condos.

    On October 26, 2015 FHA announced the guidelines of the  Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016 (HOTMA). Since 2010, they have only approved loans with owner occupancy ratios over 65%. This is the first time since then, that they will approve loans with more than 50% owner occupancy. They still work to make sure […]


    Free Yourself of Mortgage Insurance

    Just heard and advertisement from a mortgage company, saying refinance with “them” to get rid of mortgage insurance if your home has increased in value. It made me think that I should add a few words to let my friends and clients know that refinancing isn’t always necessary. Before you do that: On FHA Loans, […]


    5 Important Maintenance Steps for your Home

    We may be a little removed from New Year’s Day, but it’s not too late to make some new resolutions for your home. 1.Start a home repair slush fund: Things in your home are going to break and need to fixed. It’s just a fact that comes with home ownership. Rather than letting expensive repairs […]


    Referral Only Home Improvement Source

      Homeownership can be costly. We never find someone that doesn’t have a wish list of things that they want to do or add to their home. We want to make our homes more comfortable, beautiful and comfortable. Home improvements take time and take money. In addition to that finding trusted contractors and suppliers can be worrisome. […]


    Three Steps for Good Credit

    Have you been procrastinating about buying a home because of problems with your credit? Don’t  let fear stop you.   When you know what is on your credit,  you can do something about it.  Yes, it may take a while, but how long have you waited already? Here are some  steps for good credit  Get started , today and get control of your credit. First, look at your credit report. It is mostly about your past credit. You can get all 3 of your […]


    Are Today’s stated income loans for real?

    Stated income loans are the kind of loan where you can state your income and the lender will just use that to figure the amount of payment that you will be approved of for a loan.  They were especially popular for self-employed applicants who didn’t want to supply pages and pages of tax returns or who did […]


    Getting a Loan – Making it Pleasure not Pain

     In my opinion, having a loan officer who communicates well with you is more important than getting a good rate. After all, what good is a good rate if you don’t get the mortgage. So, searching for a good loan on the officer and a good mortgage company is very important. You need to have […]


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