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Phoenix Working to Improve Quality of Life for Transients

from a June meeting with Councilwoman Deb Stark and July with Phoenix Transit


Transient & Homelessness has increased by 23% in Phoenix since the recession. Much of it is caused by Opioid Crisis in America. In fact on a recent ride-a-long with the police, Councilwoman Deb Stark was shocked to see the amount of drug paraphernalia in the washes of Moon Valley were homeless people were encamped. Phoenix is working hard to improve the situation. Phoenix’s working to hire 300 new officers this year. Finding and training officers is going slow. However, Phoenix has created a new position to assist officers, with directing traffic, finishing up reports.

To aid with our homeless and tansient issues, Phoenix police and transiet police are sometimes bringing social workers to get repeat offenders that they pick up for loitering. Quality of life services are offered by several agencies around the city including Phoenix Rescue Mission who has brings the Hope Coach to the site. Services offered include water, clothing and shoes, shelter, a place to bath, jobs and more. They are encouraged to get into mental health treatment and drug rehabilitation where applicable. With extra duty police and transit security being added to the light rail

Police and transit security make occasional sweeps and fare sweeps to prevent crime and keep our city safe. For example, on one July Fare sweep on the light rail, there were 51 contacts whose information was run, 26 warrants cleared and 13 people filled out applications for services. The have been very few recent documented incidents on the light rail. The officer could only remember 2 or 3 in recent times.

Phoenix Rescue Mission offers five ways that you can really help those in need on their website.

Please help through the agency of your choice.

Posted on July 29, 2017 at 3:13 pm by Pat Ford

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