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My goal is to make the world a better place and make home ownership easier. I make the process of home ownership more understandable and less stressful. There is more to consider than price and location when maintaining, buying or selling a home. You want to understand and be understood.

BUYERS: I represent YOU. I help you get the home that best suits you in your price range. I educate you. Before the excitement of making an offer, I show you things in the contract that benefit you and some things that need extra attention. I allow you to sort through complete home listing information like a Realtor using your phone's GPS or computer.

It is stressful and time consuming to share your credit, job history, and paperwork with a lender. s? You want him to be more interested in helping you than "his job". I will refer you to a lender knowledgeable with Arizona and its documents and down payment assistance programs.

SELLERS - I will help your with pricing, timing your sale and understanding all of the paperwork. I understand that leaving a home that you love can feel difficult and feel like an invasion of your privacy. I will respect and treat you and your home with care. I will let you know which improvements add value, which repairs will be required by lenders and which items are most likely to attract to buyers. I will give you great information to help you price your property. I will market your home via MLS, Social Media, Zillow, Google,, private websites and much more.

I will help you gather information that you need before you make any decision; whether it be property division, buying or selling. Please give me a call!


Realty One Group 11211 N Tatum Blvd Ste 120 Phoenix, AZ 85028 (602) 997-5132
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    Pat was very helpful in finding the right home for me. Once I put together my requirements she found several properties that met my needs. I chose a small 2BR/2BA townhouse. I could have purchased a large home but it really didn't fit my needs. Pat was... (more)

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